A Celebration of Alfa Romeo


A deep cake fully coated and decorated with royal icing. Panels feature aspects of Alfa Romeo and motoring in the 30s

Art Deco Cake


Inspired by the stylish Art Deco period this cake is iced and decorated entirely with royal icing


21st Birthday Cake 


The cake was presented on a cake board covered with fabric to match the Birthday Girl’s dress. It features roses, falling petals and a burst of 21 Swarovski crystals

Chocolate Ombre Cake


A graceful building in Oxford was the perfect setting for this chocolate ombre cake featuring 24ct gold



Golden Years


A small gift cake for a 50th wedding anniversary featuring hand piped roses



Floral Birthday Cake


An indulgent chocolate fudge cake featured this nonagenarian’s favourite garden flowers with only a discreet reference to her age with Roman numerals

Classic Pillared Wedding Cake


Rich fruit cake covered with hand-made marzipan and royal icing. Decorated with hand piped pearls and monograms the top featured the couple’s beloved bicycles


Four Tier Wedding Cake


Inspired by René Lalique, each tier reflects a different piece of glass designed by this master

Lambeth Style Fruit Cake


A fruit cake decorated in the Lambeth style, named after Joseph Lambeth who immortalised this style of decorating in his 1936 book. This is a simplified version of the ornate cakes typical of the 30s


Antoinette Cake


This design reflected the Marie Antoinette theme of a charity event. It featured ornate gilded details and lace, crystals, fringing, feathers and hand-made roses


Lemon Sponge Cake


A simple lemon sponge cake was encased in pale pink sugarpaste to set off the hand-made peony


Chocolate Sport-aholic Cake


Ganache covered chocolate fudge cake with sporting equipment modelled from white chocolate modelling paste


Celebration of Alpha Romeo Cake
21st Birthday Cake
Chocolate Sport-aholic Cake
Art Deco Cake
Three tiered chocolate ombre cake
small gift cake for a Ruby Wedding Anniversary
floral birthday cake
Classic Pillared Wedding cake
Four tier wedding cake
Labeth Style Fruit Cake
Three tier Antoinette Cake
Lemon Sponge Cake